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In all cases, it is helpful to turn to a hybrid concept called the four Ps. 4 seconds Products – what special products the company offers to customers and whether the sales mix should be adjusted to better meet customer Tunisia WhatsApp Number List Location – where the company chooses to sell its products. Benefit from multiple distribution channels at once. Many businesses sell through both online and offline stores; Pricing – A company can adjust its pricing in response to competition, or simply offer its goods or services at a premium.

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Companies are either selling less at a higher price or more at a lower price. It is worth mentioning that many customers seek cheaper offers to meet their limited budgets, while others see low prices as an Tunisia WhatsApp Number List of poor quality; Promotion – The way a business reaches its target audience. For example, it may promote its goods and services with the help of offering webinars, email marketing, gift guides, social media, affiliate programs, and more. 7 seconds For a more holistic approach, this concept can easily be extended to the seven.

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Ps People – it is critical to ensure that professionals working in the company have the relevant proficiency; Processes – Proper business processes ensure that the company provides goods and services that Tunisia WhatsApp Number List suit customer needs; Appearance – The appearance of a company’s employees and premises can affect how customers perceive the company. Not to mention that paperwork can also have a major impact on a customer’s first impression. Download Free Marketing Plan Template Implementation of the plan A good paper should do much more than simply state what to expect.


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