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Therefore, it is critical that each page URL is correctly and USA WhatsApp Number List relevantly descriptive, using words and phrases separated only by hyphens. You can go one step ahead and include some relevant keywords in the URL to further improve your SEO rankings. But don’t use random numbers or letters at all costs. image file A site with only text content is certainly not as visually appealing as a site with images, video, and text. The use of imagery is imperative to enhance its appeal and attract a wider audience.

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However, the following aspects must be considered to properly optimize the image. File size. Although high-quality images are more visually appealing, they are much larger. Large image files take more time to USA WhatsApp Number List download and display, which inevitably increases page load time. A website that takes a long time to download and display its content is a surefire way to deny visitors and increase bounce rates. You must use smaller image files that are lighter and can be downloaded quickly! file name. Just like using descriptive age URLs, using relevant and descriptive names for image files also helps search engines better read them and put them in context.

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Creating descriptive filenames does take some extra effort, but the USA WhatsApp Number List results will be excellent. Use of alt tags. Using alt tags is not only beneficial for accessibility purposes, but also helps search engines better understand the representation. Additionally, if the image is not downloaded correctly, the user can hover over the mouse cursor to read the content of the image. Therefore, you need to ensure that all image files on your website contain optimized alt tags and properly formatted filenames.


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