Some Important Questions About Instagram Belgium Phone Number

  1. After that, you can update the business category and contact information.

It allows you to use  Instagram’s business tools  , such as:


  • Instagram analysis
  • Use Instagram posts as ads
  • Use links in stories
  • Schedule your posts to be published automatically

These Instagram marketing tools help you measure engagement with your visual content and develop greater reach.

Watch the  attached  video  to understand better:

  1. After creating an Instagram Belgium Phone Number business account, the next step is to create an attractive bio for your business.

An engaging bio:

  • Gives the basic description of the business
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Includes links to promotional content.
  • Use the appropriate emoji
  • Can be updated whenever needed

Some important questions about Instagram management and marketing

Let’s discuss some important questions that you will surely have in mind.

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What is a Competitive Engagement Rate on Instagram?

Before answering this question, we must first understand “what is the engagement rate?

According to  :

Engagement rate  = (number of likes or comments / number of followers) X 100

Logic?  It should!

There can be a considerable number of followers on an Instagram account.  However, having an equal number of followers on 2 different accounts does not guarantee the same engagement rate.

Now on to the original question, what is a good engagement rate on Instagram?


Instazood  points out that an engagement rate between 1.5%-3.5 is considered average while above this limit it is considered high.

The next list probing question is here:

How can you grow your Instagram following organically?

You know the

People pay to get likes and comments.

Some companies are increasingly offering tracking services.

It’s a mean game, though.

You can be banned at any time if you continue to use bots to get Instagram following.

Here’s another method that can be a bit tedious, but worth it.

You can still grow your social media presence organically.

But how do you grow your Instagram account organically?

Let’s look:


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