How to Determine the Right Main Keyword

What is your main keywrod? Are your keywords for sales purposes? Content promotion ? Provide product or service information? The main keyword is mandatory for you to determine before you use derived keywords and popular keywords in targeting potential visitors or consumers of your product.

Many are wrong in doing advertising on


google ads because they do not set the main keyword, in fact do not have keywords that match their marketing goals. So, choose the right keywords for your product campaign.

When you have the right keywords, the primary keywords that best fit your product can get your ads shown to the right customers. It’s useless you target keywords if the target is wrong, many people will see but don’t take action. This will actually be detrimental.

How to determine the right main keyword? You need to Greece Phone Number use a tool that is google ads keyword planner. Enter your main keyword, see the various keyword recommendations that are available, so you have an idea or choice of what the main keywords of your business are.

2. Not optimizing new keywords

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not doing new keyword optimization

you already have the main keyword, then you have installed google ads for that keyword, then you wait for the results of the ads you do. This is true, and most people do the same as you. However, you need to take one more step to get the most out of your google ads ads.

The main keywords need to have new keyword support, or derived keywords. Often people forget to look for new keywords when determining keywords for google ads. So that they get the same results from the previous promotion, because the target keywords used do not get updates.

So, so that you don’t experience errors in determining keywords in google ads, try to find new keywords, don’t get hung up on keywords that have already been used. Searching for new keywords doesn’t mean you leave the old ones, it’s to add new targets without leaving the old ones.


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