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If you’re having trouble generating an idea and simply can’t budge, try finding inspiration from your favorite blogs and researching posts from competitors or popular projects. But by no means Senegal WhatsApp Number List content, Google penalizes plagiarism, which adversely affects traffic growth. To simplify choosing a topic, you can use the Public Answers tool. It’s free and very useful when writing blog posts. The easiest way to do this is to list 5-10 topics that you think are more appealing and exciting to your readers.

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Then, out of 10 topics, you can keep 2 valuable. That’s okay; no one forbids writing two blog posts. Just save a topic as a backup plan or a potential post for another time. After that, you should: Do thorough Senegal WhatsApp Number List various articles on the web / watch videos on Youtube; take notes; check the facts; Create an outline for future posts. Step 2. Analyze blog post writing keywords Even if you find a great topic, it won’t work without relevant and demanding keywords. Therefore, you should choose a most appropriate keyword for future posts and leave it if you can’t cope.

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To do your research, you can use free keyword research tools or paid tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs. Our team uses Ubersuggest, which offers a paid plan ($12 per month) and several free tries per day. Therefore, you should Senegal WhatsApp Number List these two main factors: VOLUME – the number of searches for the month; SD – Competition for organic search. The ideal result for blogging success is 200-1000 searches with an SD of 35 or less. Notice! You can choose a volume 20 keyword, but, for example, make sure it includes a high volume demand key.


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