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This type is great for advertising, announcements, and new offers, as well as promoting products and services individually or collectively. Pinterest for blog posts Product Rich Pins are more specific—they contain Egypt WhatsApp Number List links to individual product pages, price tags, and availability information. These Pins are a great opportunity to increase sales. Pinterest Online Products Rich Pins for recipes have separate text fields for dish name, ingredient list, cooking time, and serving information.

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If you have a food blog or food business, you can use this tool to grow your community and win new customers. cooking needle Notably, the ability to use Pinterest Rich Pins metadata allows you to link it Egypt WhatsApp Number List your sitemap. This way, you can turn any product page into an attractive Rich Pin that your customers will keep. I still appreciate Pinterest’s support because anyone can find all the information they need in the official help center. For example, there is an excellent article on using Rich Pins with helpful tips and ways to manage them.

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Automatic Rich Pins updates are another huge benefit of a Pinterest business profile. You change the information on the site pages and your Rich Pins update automatically. You remove a product from a Egypt WhatsApp Number List page or indicate that it is out of stock and the Rich Pin for that product will automatically hide one. Very convenient! Pinterest Pinterest ads work the same way as on Facebook and Instagram. You can use it to promote published images and videos, as well as content uploaded specifically for the event.


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