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Rankings on the international stage in one or more countries the ask SEO today column. Is a special 2-for-1 column dealing with ranking questions in many countries. Perth in Ahmedabad asks One of my clients wants to rank in the United States, Australia Canada New Zealand & South America with a Uk domain. Should I suggest that they stay with the uk domain or build a new website they are recruiting. Teachers from around the world who are looking for a better time in the uk. And Dissoi in Frankfurt, Germany asks a similar question my website will not be in the united states. But only in Germany what can I do to be ranked in the world advertising continue reading below although these. Questions are not the same, they are related because the reasons and answers are the same.

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About international SEO What do search engines think of international rankings. There are tons of scientific search engines when determining. Which countries will be the right audience for a site, including: language.  Domain extensions and Brazil Phone Number or URL systems. Reflag tagging Other definitions HTML language Where the URL is hosted. Target countries in the Google Search Console. Links to the website. The actual content of the website advertising continue reading below. When considering why a website may not appear in a country we need. To look at the sum of all the factors mentioned above.  We also need to look at the site from a user perspective. Many researchers in the United States will not buy something in another country.

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Place where they can get that item. Think of it from a user perspective. Why don’t you go for a faster delivery Why not support Made in your country here There are some business models that may just not rank well in every country no matter what you’re looking for. The first question to ask is As a user, is this the desired product Often the answer is no For this article however let’s call it a user friendly product. When we know that this is a beneficial product for a user in that country it is our duty to make sure that our website conveys that message.


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