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What brings more results: put hashtags in the first comment or in the subtitle of the Instagram post itself? Paulino Sulz If you work with  UAE Phone Number social networks and mainly with Instagram, you must have already had this question several times, correct?

And don’t think it’s a silly question, because it really is a point of great attention. We here at Rock Content also always ask ourselves what would be the best for our strategy.

With some tests we did, we started to get indications that, despite what we thought before, posts with hashtags in the captions perform better.

Ebook Marketing on Instagram

Agora Pulse recently released a study on this matter and helped us confirm this hypothesis. The study analyzed more than 100 posts in 3 different accounts and resulted in a comparison between the comments in these two different places:Despite a small difference in the number of comments and views on the profile, we can notice the superiority of posts that have hashtags in the subtitle itself.

The results speak for themselves!

Posts with hashtags in the caption have higher reach and likes, with 18% better results overall.

It is important to highlight that, in relation to the average number of comments, the account’s own comment with the hashtags may have affected the result, leaving it higher.

Of course it is important that you do your own tests! In the end, everything will depend on the focus of your social media strategy.

For example: if comments are a more relevant   

metric to you than reach and likes, then it might make sense to use hashtags in comments. Otherwise, invest in putting hashtags in the subtitles themselves, which will also save precious time.

But it is obvious that just paying attention to where you use hashtags is not enough. It is necessary to take a global look at your Instagram strategy.

Therefore, I have separated relevant content for you to understand more about hashtags and Instagram as a whole!


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