Geo-Bidding PPC, Simplified

Recently, I came across a post on social media that – honestly to God – went on at length about how much the poster would be willing to pay for a new brand of ketchup.

“I would need 50 percent off to try,” said the shy tomato tester. “If it turns out that I don’t like the product, it’s just a lot of wasted time and a waste of food.”

“That calls snark!” a foreign voice urged me.

I’m not proud of it, but there was only one possible answer: “Dude. It’s just ketchup.

Unlike the man-child who clings to the security of the almighty Heinz brand, some people are actually paid to think too much. This seems to be the case in the marketing profession.

Dip! You see, you are already swimming!

In AdWords, assuming you define Germany Phone Number your primary location (i.e. your national “catch-all” – e.g. USA) plus a few additional sub-locations of interest (a handful of cities or of states, using the + LOCATIONS button), you are already in geographical targeting.

Additionally, you’re already bidding by location as soon as you enter your first bid adjustment (by adjusting your base CPC bids by a certain percentage, for ad viewers associated with that location segment). It wasn’t difficult, was it?

Note: Bing Ads offers mostly parallel functionality.)

I consider this screen to be the heart of any AdWords location bidding strategy today. it’s available in the Placements tab as one of the top three bid adjustment opportunities (along with mobile bid adjustments and ad timing).



What to configure and why? Nobody really says that.

Germany Mobile Number

The AdWords screen above is obviously no big secret. The question is: can you do more? Can you do this more efficiently? And are the people of Phoenix as cheap as I say? And if Pittsburgh is such a goldmine for my clients, why the hell can’t Pittsburgh be bigger? Are special features such as demographics, places of interest, colleges, central shopping areas and zip codes really useful? When?

Another question on the minds of many marketers is, what if I’m doing it wrong? Won’t things get worse?

Faced with the lack of resources and the absence of a clear methodology to manage, many avoid the task altogether. Or they will throw a few US states (or all 50) into the mix and then abandon the effort.

I am convinced that there is a good boost to be gained from geo-bidding with precision. But until now, few of us in the industry have produced usable case studies to clearly show what kind of geo-auctions are capable of lift.


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