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Not what you sell; instead, you sell your brand. Smart marketers know how important it is to strengthen their brand image if a business aims to strengthen its market position. Businesses go to great lengths to Jordan WhatsApp Number List a marketing plan in the hope of grabbing the attention of their target audience. However, there is no need to go to extremes to enhance a business organization’s brand. By making a few changes to the existing design and structure of your website, you can easily build an effective branding strategy.

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Brief description of main concepts Build a brand strategy To build a strong brand, you should pay attention to these “success factors”: your business philosophy (objectives, interests, strengths, vision and mission); Unique style remembered by users (it combines all the basic concepts, it provides direction for product presentation, logo and website Jordan WhatsApp Number List and visual content, everything you do on your website) promotion and branding ); Logo (it showcases your company and website; the logo sets you apart from your competitors and creates the necessary connection with your brand); Fonts (your business concept is important here; obviously bright colors are suitable for a kindergarten website but not a law firm web design. So the font should match your business area.

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Color combinations (each color evokes specific emotions and associations, so you can influence users’ decisions with the right color combination. Tip: Read our post on colors for medical sites to learn what feelings Jordan WhatsApp Number List evoke. Why they are commonly used with in the medical field). Impressive about us page Most web designers think that their creativity starts and ends with the homepage. Business owners tend to ignore a website’s “About Us” page, but this can take a huge toll on the brand.


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