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The Importance of Video Content in Marketing The continued decline in buyer attention has been one of the most exciting yet troubling trends for marketers in recent years. According to a recent survey by Marketing Canada WhatsApp Number List businesses have an average of 2.7 seconds to engage an audience. While the importance of written content and tools like Facebook posts and Twitter Tweets cannot be overlooked, it may take minutes for video to communicate written content more effectively in seconds.

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A Facebook report says videos posted on its platform get. An average of 8 billion views a day, adding as much as 100 million hours a day. According to research, video will account for approximately Canada WhatsApp Number List of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2019. Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons why video is so effective in marketing. people’s preferences. The most critical factor that marketers must consider in relation to a marketing campaign. What potential customers want to see.

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Recent trends show that video is the most consumed type of content on the Internet. The extraordinary reach of video-sharing sites such as YouTube and their widespread use. People from all walks of life Canada WhatsApp Number List how much people prefer video over other types of media. It’s easy for businesses to make videos and easy for customers to watch at their leisure.


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